8th Gr. End of the Year Visual Literacy Project #3

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Learning Goal:

Learn how to read images for information and chosen elements that communicate ideas

Directions: Download the worksheet here first open it, then minimize it so it is ready. . Go to this slide show View it and answer questions on the worksheet in Part I.

Slide Show click here

2. To answer the questions for Part II of the worksheet you will have to click on the coca cola advertisement images below.Follow prompts on the worksheet.

Coca cola image 1

Coca Cola image 2

Coca Cola image 3

History of coca cola ads here.

3. Print the worksheet when you are done with your name on it.


8th Gr. Visual Literacy Project #2

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Learning Goal: Use and apply visual literacy terms to critique images.

Overview: Open and look at images from a webpage, critique them on the worksheet using visual literacy words TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.




Directions: Read these and the worksheet carefully before jumpimg in.

1. Down load the worksheet here.

2. Open the list of images from the book “Gods’ Man Visual Story here.

3. Print the worksheet with your name when you are done.

8th Grade End of the Year Visual Literacy Project #1

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Visual literacy is about learning how to talk about pictures and what they say.

Learning Goal Learn visual literacy words to talk about “the art of reading what youi see”.


1. Download this Power Point presentation from the link below.Download Power Point here.

2. Download the worksheet from the link below.

Download worksheet here

3. Look at the pictures in the presentation and read the description after each picture to learn what each visual literacy word is.

4. Fill out and print the worksheet.

Download Power Point here.

Download worksheet here

8th Gr. Assignment for Guest Teacher 5/23

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You are to continue the assignment I gave you last guest teacher time. Choose 4 NEW stories.


1. Download the worksheet, save it, open it, then minimize it so it is ready.Worksheet click here.

2. Read the worksheet ahead, then go to the digital story telling example page given on a link here. Any of the download or play options work on our linux computers. AFTER WACH STORY CLICK THE “BACK” BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE STORY PAGE. Website click here.

3. Print the page and hend it to Mr. Ruderman when you are done.


8th Gr. Assignment #43

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Learning Goals:

Work with a variety of office applications to produce a simple product.

Analyze spreadsheets to write a simple recommendation


Overview: You are taking your spreadsheet skills back to the Rainbow Lollipop Factory. Your Job Print a graph from a spreadsheet showing average sales and type a simple five part letter telling the head of marketing what one  kind of lollipop they should stop making and what one kind of lollipop they should make more of.

1. Download the spreadsheet here, save it, open it, minimize it and have it ready. Spreadsheet click here.

2. Put averages in the spreadsheet on sheet 1, sheet 2 and sheet 3, copy and paste the averages into sheet 4, make a graph and print it. I wrote you a letter to help guide you through making averages and printing the graph from the spread sheet Download the letter click here.

3. Look at the graph and the averages of the lollipops that have sold. Figure out the most unpopular color lollipop and the most popular one. Open a new word document (Applications>Office>Open Office.org Word Processor.

4. Write a letter to the Head of Marketing tel;ling them what one color they should not bother to make anymore and what one color they should make more of to increase sales. Make sure the letter has a date, greeting, body, closing and signature.

5 Print the letter and make sure you printed the graph, hand them in to me.

Download the letter

8th Gr. Assignment #42

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1. Download the spreadsheet from the site. It is called “hot_dog_exploration.xls” Download it, save it, open it, then minimize it so it is ready.. Website click here.

2. Add math formulas to make the spreadsheet ready to work for this hot dog stand seller to use to keep track of his sales. You will need to add math formulas in the E, F, G and H columns. It will take some critical thinking to decide which cells you are multiplying or subtracting. Here;s some hints:

Column E needs a multiplication formula.

Column F needs a subtraction formula.

Column G needs a multiplication formula

Column H needs a subtraction formula.

Here’s a letter I wrote to the hot dog seller explaining the spreadsheet. It will explain what you need to do Letter click here.

Remember the four basic steps to creating math formulas:

a. Select the cell the answer goes in.

b. Type an equals sign.

c. put cell names with math signs to add, subtract, multiply or divide cells (+, -, *, / ).

d. Press “Enter”.

3. Make a column graph of the hot dogs at the start of the day, end of the day and number sold (B, C and D columns only). Move it under the numbers and stretch it from the A column to the H column.

4. Print the spreadsheet with your name.

8th Gr. Assignment #41

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Learning Goals:

*Re-learn the four steps of making a math formula on a spreadsheet.

*Transfer a specific skill taught to a similar but different situation.


1. Overview: I am giving you a guide you have used in the past and want you to do your best to apply what is shown to a DIFFERENT  spreadsheet. The skills asked for are EXACTLY THE SAME.

2. Download the spreadsheet from the link given here, open it, minimize it, and have it ready.Spreadsheet site click here.

3. Download the guide here open it, minimize it and have it ready.

4. Use the guide to put math formulas in the spreadsheet that MULTIPLY the sales to get the amount of money made, then make a math formula to ADD the columns that show how much money was made into a daily total.

THINK: How will you go back and forth from the guide to the spreadsheet? Use the window list to go back and forth between the guide and spreadsheet.

5. Show me the spreadsheet for check off when done.