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Uses of Spreadsheets

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ScreenshotYou are going to read these articles and write me a simple letter as your response.


1. Mr. Litt is handing out printed copies of the articles with some underlines to help you. Read the printed ones or click here for the electronic version of the first one, click here for the second one.

2. Write Mr. Litt a letter, (in letter form with all five elements) telling him 3 uses of spreadsheets from the articles. Use your imagination and think of 2 more things spreadsheets can be used for and also write that in your letter to Mr. Litt (a total of 5 uses!).

3.Print the letter, staple it to your objective sheet and get it checked off.


Sub Assignment 7/8th Grade 10/12

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READ ALL DIRECTIONS carefully. This blog entry is your teacher today. Be self directed and FOLLOW ALL TASKS ASKED OF YOU.


1. Go to this site (click here) for a story called Faithful John by the Grimm Brothers. Read it or listen to it on the headphones. It is about 19 small pages long.

2. Open a new Open Office Word Document.

3.Write me a letter using Friendly letter form, answering these questions:

(click here to download 5 Parts of a Friendly Letter)

a.)Did you understand the story?

b.)What was confusing to you?

c.)Do you like it when stories have magic, or do you prefer more realistic stories?

d.)Do you think the story has a message or anything to teach?

Answer the questions by speaking to me in a conversation tone in the letter.

4. Print the letter and hand it to Mr. Hickman

5. When you are done you may go to learning links in the pages section