8th Gr. Assignment #40

Learning Goals:

1. Learn to use a new application by reading guides AND engaging in “trial and error”.

2. Splice music into an audio track: learn fade in, fade out, repeat, cut, copy and paste on a sound editing program.


An overview: 1. You are going to download TWO mp3 tracks from the links here. One is the story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. The second is a guitar version of “Dance of the sugar plum fairies” from the Nutcracker. Your job is to select, copy and paste short sections, 4 to 10 seconds long, of music from the Sugar Plum Fairy music into the Peter Rabbit Story to make it a better story to listen to.

Download Peter Rabbit here.

Download Sugar plum fairies here.

2 Open Audacity, it is found on the Menu Applications>Sound and Video>Audacity.

3 From the Audacity Menu go to File>Open and open the Peter rabbit Story and the Sugar Plum Fairy music from the Downloads folder. You will see two Audacity windows open.

4 From the Audacity menu go to View>Normal View so the tracks are at the same size

5 Look at the buttons and get familiar with them, ask me or a buddy, get to know which one is play, stop, record. Check out the Audacity guide pages here.


Cut, Copy Paste

Guide on all menu choices

Guide on the tool bars

Guide on all the track features

6 Your job is to copy and paste music FROM the Sugar Plum Fairy track to the Peter Rabbit Story between pauses or at different dramatic points in the story to make it something better to listen to. You will be selecting parts of a track using Copy, Paste from the File menu, Undo from the Edit menu and Fade in, Fade Out, Repeat from the Effects menu.

Make sure to save your project with your name often so you do not lose your hard work by acident.


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