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7th 8th Grade Assignment #23

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2010 by Jennifer Griffin

I am out today. Please follow these instructions carefully and exactly.

1. Keyboard first. Do 5 minutes of Typeonline. Go to Typeonline by clicking here. Then do five minutes of Dance Mat typing. Go to Dance Mat Typing by clicking here.

2.Listen to Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer 5, 6, 7, and 8. Make sure you listen to the right ones! There is no worksheet now, make sure you understand the story for the activity we will do when I return.

Go to this podcast site for “Theodore Boone 5,6 7 and 8.

3. Dothis review lesson on internet safety.

Make sure you have headphones in place before you start.

Then go to this link by clicking here. View the video, take the quiz and play the games.


7th 8th Grade Assignment #21

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1. We are going to make a rubric together on presentations. when we are done, you will plan your project on this worksheet here. I probably gave you a paper version, if I did, don’t download it.

2. Put the three to four main ideas you are going to make a presentation for, on the worksheet. Remember a presentation is used to teach groups and the best way to teach is to keep your lesson to 3 or 4 simple points.

3. The third thing we will do is listen to “Thedore Boone, Kid Lawyer”, segment 2, 3 and 4. They have questions to be answered for each segment,download the worksheet here, minimiize it and have it ready. I want you to answer the questions as you listen, so read ahead one question and be ready.

Go to this podcast site for “Theodore Boone 2, 3 and 4.

7th 8th Grade Assignment #20

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Today we have three shorter things to do, I am going to be giving performance grades today for using time well, STAY FOCUSED AND WORKING PLEASE.

1. Retrieve your presentation wherever you saved it (email, flash drive, documents folder) Show it to Mr. Litt. If you are not finished work on it for 10 minutes more, then show Mr. Litt.

2. Fill out the presentation short project survey. Print it with your name after you’ve filled it out.

3.Download this worksheet here open it, minimize it and have it ready. You are going to listen to a story called Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer. I want you to read the first question on the worksheet and listen for the answer. When you hear it, pause the podcast and type the answer. Do this for each Question. Go to this podcast site and listen to “Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer chapter 1.”

4. When you are done, make sure all your answers are bold and italic. Leave the questions on the worksheet in plain font.Print the worksheet and give it to Mr. Litt.

7th 8th Grade Assignment #19

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To learn presentations we are going to pretend you have been hired for a job whre you are going to have to make a presentation. As part of your job, you’ve been assigned to make a simple, but professional power point presentation on how to lift heavy loads safely.


First listen to the podcast I made to help coach you on this assignment. It is called “Presentation Introduction”. Podcast site click here.

1. Download the text of the presentation from this word document (click here)

2. Save images from this blog assignment for your presentation.

3. Make a simple presentation on how to lift safely that would be appropriate for a work place training.

Do it in four slides, use the guide to help you. Put a title slide and a conclusion slide beyond the four required if you want.

You are learning a new program by trying a simple assignment. you will need time to explore, keep exploring until the presentation looks good.Take your time and do the presentation according to these guidelines:

-slide background should be one color

-letters should be easily readable

-letter font or color should not make it hard to read.

-use images on all slides