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8th Grade Assignment #27

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Learning Goal: Gather information from websites using two strategies.

Introduction; We will be learning four strategies to gather information from websites this semester. They are:

Read introductions to find summaries

Use headings to locate information

Guide your research by really knowing the focus of your search

Scan pages for information using key words

Today we will focus on the first two.


1. Download the worksheet here , open it and minimize it so it is ready to use. Worksheet click here

2. Go to the website needed for the worksheet, minimize it and have it ready. Website on Feudalism click here.

3. Read the worksheet carefully and do what is asked of you in each section. When you are done, put your answers in bold and italic. Review the sheet carefully, you will be asked to do it over if it is done incorrectly.  Print the sheet with your name on it and hand it to me.


7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #26

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Learning Goal: Get information from websites with three strategies: a. Reading the introduction for a summary, b. use headings to narrow reading , c. scan text using keywords.

We are going to use three strategies to find information today. Scanning pages for information using key words is a new one. To do this you first think of 2 or 3 words to search from what you are looking for. Then you look around the website for those words, reading short passages in places to find information that is focused on what you need. It takes practice, but is an important skill.

1. Download the worksheet here.Open it, then minimize it, having it ready.Worksheet click here..

2. Go to this website to do the assignment.Website click here.

8th Grade Assignment #25

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Learning Goal: Learn strategies to gather information from websites. Learn to choose the facts you gather with a goal in mind. Learn not to gather large amounts of random facts.

Today’s strategy: Use headings

Method: Headings are the big writing that authors put at the top of sections of writings. Read the headings to see if information you need is in that section.

Assignment: Write a list of 3 facts from a web page I give you on the early life of Daniel Morgan, a general in the American Revolution. Daniel Morgan was really good at being a general and moving soldiers around smartly during battles so that they won. I want you to gather facts about his early life that might tell us why he was a good general.


1. Open a new word document, put your name in the top left corner, put the date underneath. Come down 3 lines and put this title in the center: Facts about Daniel Morgan’s early life. Minimize the document when done.

2. Go to this web page to gather your facts. Read the first three lines, then find the most appropriate heading to get facts about his early life. Your assignment is to gather facts about his early life before he was a general, so look at the headings and decide which section will have the best facts. You may copy and paste the facts, BUT DO NOT COPY WHOLE LONG SECTIONS ALL AT ONCE.  Copy and paste separate facts. BE CAREFUL NOT TO COPY TOO MANY FACTS THAT HAVE DETAILS YOU DO NOT NEED. Think about the facts you are gathering and get information about his early life and what might have helped make him a good general. Morgan website click here.

3. Go down two or three lines from the list of facts and write a short paragraph starting with this sentence: “I think Daniel Morgan grew up to be one of the best generals in the Revolutionary war because of what he did in his early life.”

7th, 8th Grade Assignment #24

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You have two things to do today printed on ONE new word processing document with your name.

1. Open a new word processor document, put your name and date in the upper left hand corner.

2. Do  the following assignment on the document.


Explain puppieshow you do these things in Power Point, as simply as you can.





3. On the same word processing document do the following assignment:

Look up the words in the list below in an online dictionary.

Write a sentence for each word, as best you can, showing you know the definition.

Click here for an online dictionary

Word List:







4. Print the word processing document with these two assignments when you are done.

Links for Today

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Take a 3 minute typing test at this site. Typing test site click here.

Here are sites you can explore when you are done with the typing test

spelling bee the game

“interactives” spelling bee

Math is fun, has games, puzzles.

Fizzy’s lunch time lab

Professor Garfield