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A Short Lesson on Internet Safety

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Make sure you have headphones in place before you start.

Then go to this link by clicking here. View the video, take the quiz and play the games.


6th Grade Assignment #9: Intro to Presentations

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1.Download this presentation by clicking here. Open it and press the “f5” key to view it, push the space bar to advance the slides.

2, Now you try to make your own! Your assignment: Make your own presentation of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  Click on Applications>Office>Open Presentation. Use your guide to explore this program.


Mary had a little lamb

Whose fleece was white as snow

Everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go

It followed her to school one day, though it was against the rules

It made the children laugh and play to see a lamb at school

8th Grade Assignment #12

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Finish your power point on the “Generation Gap Project” and print it!

Take a moment to examine this rubric before you finish your project by clicking here.

Staple your presentation together make sure it has a cover page with your name on it.

8th Grade Assignment #11

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We are going to make a presentation of what we found in our “Generation Gap” project.

1. Download the directions on this guide here.

2. Open a presentation by going to Applications>Office>Open Presentation and get to work.

3. Save your presentation to your email.

8th Grade Assignment #10

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The graphs we made from our individual surveys were too small to be conclusive. I compiled the surveys of 25 students here.

1.Download the spreadsheet called “Generation Gap Whole Class” from the link here.

2. Make Graphs out of the numbers, print this sheet with your name on it.

3. Download the reflection document here, fill it out carefully, print it.

When you are done go to this link here. It’s called All Terrain Brain and is about entrepreneurial spirit. Choose any activities listed.

6th Grade Assignment #8

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After we make our business plan, go to this site below and do all it asks you to do.

Interactive site 1 click here

When you are done with that site go to this interactive site listed below.

Interactive site 2 click here

8th Grade Assignment #9

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Today you are going to make a spreadsheet with graphs of YOUR survey.


1. Go to this link here and download the spreadsheet I made for you. You will find it on the link page titled “Generation Gap.xls”

2. Put the numbers you found in your surveys on the spreadsheet provided.

3. Make a grap for each question, so a total of three graphs.

4. Print the spreadsheets AND save them to your email.


Part Two

1. Go to the interactive U.S. Map exercise and go through it again quickly. Take the quizzes and see if you do better.

2. Do 5 of any of the Easily Confused Words exercise.

3. Do the three exercizes on any two stories on the Reading Comprehension page.