8th Gr. Assignment #42


1. Download the spreadsheet from the site. It is called “hot_dog_exploration.xls” Download it, save it, open it, then minimize it so it is ready.. Website click here.

2. Add math formulas to make the spreadsheet ready to work for this hot dog stand seller to use to keep track of his sales. You will need to add math formulas in the E, F, G and H columns. It will take some critical thinking to decide which cells you are multiplying or subtracting. Here;s some hints:

Column E needs a multiplication formula.

Column F needs a subtraction formula.

Column G needs a multiplication formula

Column H needs a subtraction formula.

Here’s a letter I wrote to the hot dog seller explaining the spreadsheet. It will explain what you need to do Letter click here.

Remember the four basic steps to creating math formulas:

a. Select the cell the answer goes in.

b. Type an equals sign.

c. put cell names with math signs to add, subtract, multiply or divide cells (+, -, *, / ).

d. Press “Enter”.

3. Make a column graph of the hot dogs at the start of the day, end of the day and number sold (B, C and D columns only). Move it under the numbers and stretch it from the A column to the H column.

4. Print the spreadsheet with your name.


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