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6th Grade Assignment #7 (Business Simulation Phase #1)

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1. Copy the spreadsheet from the handout. An image of it is posted above.

2. Go to “Coffee Shop” by clicking here.

3. Play the Coffee Shop game and record  your business data at the end of each business day on your spreadsheet on your computer.

4. Save it to an email when you are done and print it for hand in.


8th Grade Assignment#6 (and new project!)

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The Generation Gap Project

Hypothesis: Does a generation gap exist?

Download the guide pages here.

This project has three parts:

-A spreadsheet you take survey with, then complete with totals and graphs.

_A word document for reflection.

_A Powerpoint to show your findings.

Read the guide pages carefully all the way. Start on the first part today, making the spreadsheet to take the survey.

Today’s first Learning Link: click here,

It’s an interactive Spelling Bee.

Today’s second Learning Link: click here

It’s an interactive review lesson on U.S. History and U.S. Maps, needs headphones.

If you get done with that, go here for an interactive review lesson on Geology, click here.

8th & 6th grade assignment #5

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1. Have the quiz practice sheet in front of you.

2. Download the study guide powerpoint here, open it and have it ready.

3.View  the powerpoint, like they were flashcards, to test what terms you know and see what ones you need to learn.

8th Grade Assignment #4

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Below you will see the words”take my survey” written in pretty small letters. Click on “take my survey” and it will direct you to a short survey I would like you to take.

When you are done go to 6th/&8th grade assignment #3 below. Do the assignment and follow all directions.

For those of you who might have lost your study guide for the computer terms quiz here it is for download.

6th & 8th Grade Assignment #3

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1. Download the worksheet here on this link. Make sure you “save the file” and do not choose “open with”. When you save it, you can open the document by double clicking on its title on the downloads window.

2. Go to a website on Ancient Rome by clicking here.

3. Have the worksheet up and the website up at the same time. Find a way to manage going back and forth between both. A good way is to simply click on the listing of each thing on the window list menu bar on the bottom of your desktop screen.

Read the worksheet and do what is asked of you on it, complete the worksheet and print it. Hand it in to Mr. Litt when you are done.

When you are done go these activities below:

link 1:  Roman numerals, click on “hint” on the bottom if you get stuck!

link 2: the Grammar Gorillas, try “easy” and “advanced”.

link 3: the apostrophe game.

8th Grade Assignment #2

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We are getting ready for a quiz on these computer terms. I want you to look the definitions of these words up on Google.


1. Look up each word below (in orange letters) on Google by typing “define:word you want here”.

2.You will get many definitions. Read through them and find the one that applies to COMPUTERS.

3. In friendly letter form (greeting, date, body, closing signature), write a letter to me putting a list of the definitions in the letter. Put more than the list of definitions, write a sentence telling me what is in the letter.

Friendly letter form can be downloaded here if you forget what they look like.




Operating System

RAM (random access memeory)








If you get done before classtime is over go to the links below for more activity.



Assignment for 8th grade #1

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Power Power Criticism:


1. Download this power point scoring guide, open it and have it ready.

2.. Go to this website which has a powerpoint in the web page.

3. Your assignment is to watch the power point and write me a friendly letter, scoring the power point according to the guide on (a.) slide show overall design, (b.) background and lettersing, and (c.) the five components of good design.

4. Make sure the letter has the five parts of a friendly letter (date, greeting, body, closing signature) check it for spelling and grammar, print it and hand it in to Mr. Litt.

When you are done, do these activities,