8th Gr. Assignment #43

Learning Goals:

Work with a variety of office applications to produce a simple product.

Analyze spreadsheets to write a simple recommendation


Overview: You are taking your spreadsheet skills back to the Rainbow Lollipop Factory. Your Job Print a graph from a spreadsheet showing average sales and type a simple five part letter telling the head of marketing what one  kind of lollipop they should stop making and what one kind of lollipop they should make more of.

1. Download the spreadsheet here, save it, open it, minimize it and have it ready. Spreadsheet click here.

2. Put averages in the spreadsheet on sheet 1, sheet 2 and sheet 3, copy and paste the averages into sheet 4, make a graph and print it. I wrote you a letter to help guide you through making averages and printing the graph from the spread sheet Download the letter click here.

3. Look at the graph and the averages of the lollipops that have sold. Figure out the most unpopular color lollipop and the most popular one. Open a new word document (Applications>Office>Open Office.org Word Processor.

4. Write a letter to the Head of Marketing tel;ling them what one color they should not bother to make anymore and what one color they should make more of to increase sales. Make sure the letter has a date, greeting, body, closing and signature.

5 Print the letter and make sure you printed the graph, hand them in to me.

Download the letter


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