8th Gr. Assignment #36

Learning Goals:

1. Construct a simple spreadsheet

2. Find information on the web, use it to write a paragraph.


Learning Goal one activity:

1. Construct a spreadsheet following these directions you can download here. Do you remember how to open a new spreadsheet in Open Office? Click Applications>Office Open Office .org Spreadsheet..

2. Show it to Mr. Litt to check off when you are done.

Learning Goal two activity:

1. Download the worksheet here. Open it to have it ready then minimize it so you can keep reading directions here.

2. Search for information, then write a paragraph on this historic person: JOAN OF ARC.

Tell me who she was, when she lived and what she is known for. Use the wortksheet to do this search and writing assignment on Joan of Arc. Foolw the steps on the worksheet and do your work on the worksheet.


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