8th Grade Assignment #27

Learning Goal: Gather information from websites using two strategies.

Introduction; We will be learning four strategies to gather information from websites this semester. They are:

Read introductions to find summaries

Use headings to locate information

Guide your research by really knowing the focus of your search

Scan pages for information using key words

Today we will focus on the first two.


1. Download the worksheet here , open it and minimize it so it is ready to use. Worksheet click here

2. Go to the website needed for the worksheet, minimize it and have it ready. Website on Feudalism click here.

3. Read the worksheet carefully and do what is asked of you in each section. When you are done, put your answers in bold and italic. Review the sheet carefully, you will be asked to do it over if it is done incorrectly.  Print the sheet with your name on it and hand it to me.


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