8th Grade Assignment #25

Learning Goal: Learn strategies to gather information from websites. Learn to choose the facts you gather with a goal in mind. Learn not to gather large amounts of random facts.

Today’s strategy: Use headings

Method: Headings are the big writing that authors put at the top of sections of writings. Read the headings to see if information you need is in that section.

Assignment: Write a list of 3 facts from a web page I give you on the early life of Daniel Morgan, a general in the American Revolution. Daniel Morgan was really good at being a general and moving soldiers around smartly during battles so that they won. I want you to gather facts about his early life that might tell us why he was a good general.


1. Open a new word document, put your name in the top left corner, put the date underneath. Come down 3 lines and put this title in the center: Facts about Daniel Morgan’s early life. Minimize the document when done.

2. Go to this web page to gather your facts. Read the first three lines, then find the most appropriate heading to get facts about his early life. Your assignment is to gather facts about his early life before he was a general, so look at the headings and decide which section will have the best facts. You may copy and paste the facts, BUT DO NOT COPY WHOLE LONG SECTIONS ALL AT ONCE.  Copy and paste separate facts. BE CAREFUL NOT TO COPY TOO MANY FACTS THAT HAVE DETAILS YOU DO NOT NEED. Think about the facts you are gathering and get information about his early life and what might have helped make him a good general. Morgan website click here.

3. Go down two or three lines from the list of facts and write a short paragraph starting with this sentence: “I think Daniel Morgan grew up to be one of the best generals in the Revolutionary war because of what he did in his early life.”


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