7th 8th Grade Assignment #13

Today we are going to fulfill two learning goals: Learn the ways kids “cyber bully” and the consequences, and review multiplication and addition on spread sheets.

FIRST GOAL: Cyber bullying

1. Have the “Cyber Bullying Worksheet in hand. We have printed copies,DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL VERSION,here.

2. Answer questions from the podcast on the website given here. The podcast is small and red in the middle of the page, look carefully for it. Read ahead one question and listen for the answer. Puase the podcast to answer, then read the next question to know what to listen for. Podcast site here.

3.Answer questions on the same sheet from this website.

SECOND GOAL; Spreadsheet review

We’ve done this assignment before, do it again, practice makes you faster and better at it. For a challenge, use the function wizard! Insert>function…..the word for multiplication is “product” and the word for addition is “sum”.

4. Make sure you have two guide sheets in hand from Mr. Litt.

5. Download the sheet from the site link below, today’s sheet is called Moshe’s_HD_with_errors.xls. Get spreadsheet  by going to this site.

6. Look at the guide to help you; Put in the multiplication formulas in column “D” and the whole column addition formulas at the bottom.

7. Now look at the spreadsheet, on the bottom left are small tabs that say “sheet 1″, “sheet 2″ and some arrows to go to “sheet 3″. Go to sheet 2 and sheet 3 and fix the formulas that are there that are wrong. Do this by selecting each cell and checking the formula on it in the formula bar.

8. Show Mr. Litt your completed spreadsheet and write a reflection on your learning goals sheet.

9. Go to Typeonline by clicking here and do the lessons at your level.

10. Do additional practice for your level from this site, also.


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