7th 8th Grade Assignment #12

We are continuing our business simulations in spreadsheets on PREDICTING TRENDS.

1.Listen to two podcasts today! The first podcast is on Following Directions, it is 4 minutes long and there are questions on your worksheet from it. BE CAREFUL, THIS PODCAST IS LISTED SECOND.  After you listen to it, answer the questions on the worksheet for it. Podcasts click here.

2. Now go to the podcast called “lollipop averages #2”. Listen to it, then go to the next direction on the blog.

Podcasts click here.

3.Download the spreadsheet from this site, Its called “Rainbow Lollipop(8).xls”. Spreadsheet download site click here.

I am giving you a guide already printed. Here is the digital version of it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, DO NOT PRINT IT. Guide here, Worksheet here.

4.Use the guide and find the averages for each of the six columns in the box marked averages. Do the same for sheet 2 and sheet 3 on the same spreadsheet. Remember the tab on the bottom left corner lets you switch between sheets. When you are done, get an answer sheet from me and compare your answers to see if they are right.

5. Answer the rest of the questions on the worksheet and hand it in, show your spreadsheet to the teacher. Put today’s worksheet in your folder and put the guide under the keyboard. Give the answer sheet back to Mr. Litt. Close the spreadsheet and do not save it.

6. When done keyboard at your level.

Go to Typeonline by clicking here

Go to Dance Mat Typing or

Freetypinggame Lessons and practice at your level.


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