7th 8th Grade #11

Follow Directions:

1. Take all the learning goal sheets out of your folder and put them in order, newest on top, oldest on bottom. Attach the cover sheet Mr. Litt gives you, paper clip them all together, and be ready to hand them in.

2. Take the “Keyboard Levels” sheet and try the assessments. You are doing this to find what level you are at. When you pass an assessment, you are done with that level. Fill out the Keyboarding Contract when you know your level, read directions on the Keyboarding Contract.

3. Practice Keyboarding seriously at the level you are at. Look on the Keyboarding Level chart to see what practices are for your level.

4.. Reading comprehension: Go to the website listed below and read the article. Do the worksheet that you are given. It is a short article on what goes into chicken patties.Web page click here.

5. When you are done go to these reading comprehension website do all three activities. Website page one click here.Website page two click here.Website page three click here.


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