7th 8th Grade Assignment #8

Get a pair pf headphones plugged in, put them on and have today’s guide sheet in your hand. Go to this site by clicking here. Look for “7th- 8th Assignment #7 Spreadsheets” and press the play arrow by where it says “listen now”. I give you voice instructions!

1. Make sure you have two guide sheets in hand from Mr. Litt. Here is a digital version of page one  and here is page two but I will give you a paper one so you do not need to download it.

2.Download the spreadsheet by going to this site and downloading it. It is called “Moishe’s HD.xls”

3. Use the guide to make math formulas. Today we are making multiplication formulas on a spreadsheet used in a business. Follow your guide, copy and paste the multiplication formula from the first cell to rest of the column. The next step is to add many numbers from the column into a box at the bottom. Remember, use your guide.

4. Show Mr. Litt your completed spreadsheet and write a reflection on your learning goals sheet.

5. Go to Typeonline by clicking here and do the lessons at your level.

6. Do additional practice for your level from this site, also.


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