7th-8th Grade Assignment #6-Sub Day 9/30/2010

1. Do NOT get your folders today. Do NOT get learning goals sheets. DO get the worksheet on top of the filing cabinet about “Remebering Jim Crow”.

2. Get headphones on and go to this podcast website. Look for “Remebering Jim Crow”. Have the worksheet in hand,READ THE QUESTIONS AHEAD OF TIME Be ready to pause the podcast while listening to answer the questions. Podcast website, click here.

3. When you are done with the worksheet and have turned it in with your name to the sub, practice keyboarding by  going to “Dance Mat Typing” It’s fun and teaches well, just use the sidebar to go to your level so you’re not bored. Dance Mat Typing ; click here.

4. After 15 minutes of typing go to this interactives spelling bee site. It requires headphones, so get them ready. Interactives,: click here.

5. If you have done 15 minutes of each site you can go here to practice math. Math site: click here.

Do not be on any other site besides podcast, Typing, Spelling Bee and Math.


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