7th & 8th Assignment #4

1. Make sure you write your learning goals from the learning goals sheet on the wall.

2. Download the directions, on a word document by clicking here., open it, then minimize it so it is ready to go back to.

3. Download the spreadsheet you will work on by clicking here and downloading it from this web site. It is called “Basic add_sub.xls” Open it and then go back to the document with directions you downloaded  and do the work it asks you to do.

4. You will have to go back and forth between the document with directions and spreadsheet. When you are done, write your reflection on the learning goals sheet and be ready to show Mr. Litt the spreadsheet and your learning goals sheet.

5. Go to Typeonline by clicking here and do the lessons at your level.

6. Do additional practice for your level from this site, also.


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