6th Grade Assignment #8

After we make our business plan, go to this site below and do all it asks you to do.

Interactive site 1 click here

When you are done with that site go to this interactive site listed below.

Interactive site 2 click here


11 Responses to “6th Grade Assignment #8”

  1. littclass0910 Says:

    first get your reputation high then raise the price sky high.

  2. dont buy to much milk.Buy enogh coffe,and sugar.

  3. who to mack money

  4. i will try to not spend all the money and i wiil try to seel the coffe at $1.00 and i will try to get a beter score like gavino

  5. How do you get your reputation higher?

  6. one tip is to put sugar in medium and everything else on high. How can you get your reputation up more?

  7. fernando .r Says:

    Don’t have your coffie creamy

  8. don’t buy alot of milk. duy more coffe/and also don’t spend your money in oder stuff.

  9. buy a little bit of milk because it spoils
    buy a lot of cups
    buy a little bit of coffee because it spenceve

  10. yO mOmma Says:

    tHE qOAL iiS tOO BUyy ALOt Off SUPLLiES!

  11. Estrella Says:


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