6th & 8th Grade Assignment #3


1. Download the worksheet here on this link. Make sure you “save the file” and do not choose “open with”. When you save it, you can open the document by double clicking on its title on the downloads window.

2. Go to a website on Ancient Rome by clicking here.

3. Have the worksheet up and the website up at the same time. Find a way to manage going back and forth between both. A good way is to simply click on the listing of each thing on the window list menu bar on the bottom of your desktop screen.

Read the worksheet and do what is asked of you on it, complete the worksheet and print it. Hand it in to Mr. Litt when you are done.

When you are done go these activities below:

link 1:  Roman numerals, click on “hint” on the bottom if you get stuck!

link 2: the Grammar Gorillas, try “easy” and “advanced”.

link 3: the apostrophe game.


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